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What you need to know about eating right during pregnancy

What You Need To Know About Eating Right During Pregnancy

We have all heard that pregnant women are eating for two; however, it is very important that pregnant women not take this seriously. Doubling the amount of food you normally eat during pregnancy will result in unhealthy weight gain. Instead, pregnant women should plan to add about three hundred calories to the daily diet and focus on eating healthful, nutritious whole foods. Read on for some excellent tips on eating right during pregnancy. Continue reading

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Managing back pain while pregnant

Managing Back Pain While Pregnant

It is common for pregnant women to experience back pain because of sudden weight gain in the stomach area. Luckily, there are many ways pregnant women can cope with this pain. Read on for some great advice.

Watch your weight! This is not to say you should diet. You should definitely eat a full and healthful variety of whole foods while pregnant, but avoid gaining more than 35 pounds. More than this is an excessive amount that will put undue strain on your back and entire body.

If you are used to exercising regularly, you should continue with slight modifications to avoid stress and strain. If you are not used to exercising, don’t begin a program of strenuous exercise, but do consult with your doctor about adding a healthy level of light exercise to your daily routine. This will help you avoid and manage back pain during your pregnancy. Continue reading

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Good stress management supports a smoother pregnancy

Good stress management supports a smoother pregnancy

Expectant parents have a lot to be excited about, and there is certainly a lot to do to prepare for a new arrival. On top of that, expectant moms have constant physical adjustments to make due to hormone ups and downs, weight gain and more. In spite of it all, it’s important for pregnant women and their partners to get good rest. Read on to learn how.

Stay well-hydrated, but not right before bed! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is one of the best things you can do for your health under any circumstances, but remember to reduce the amount of water you drink as your bedtime approaches. Just take small sips in the evening and keep a glass of water by your bed in case you wake up with a dry mouth. In this way, you will not need to get up frequently. Continue reading

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Six months pregnant

You and your baby make it over the half-way point of the amazing journey and into six months pregnant! What an accomplishment, but don’t exhaust stamina yet-there’s still an extended road ahead, as well as the final “push” at the end. Should you haven’t yet considered it, this may be a good time for you to think about childbirth classes, particularly if this is your first pregnancy. The rest of the months will go by fast, so plan in advance. Most expectant moms report the sixth month to become a quite comfortable amount of time in the pregnancy. Some of the early symptoms for example morning sickness and fatigue have passed, and you’ll feel a burst of energy and excitement while you begin to anticipate your baby’s arrival. You need to still take it easy though, despite this sort of feeling, and begin reserving your time for the eventful months ahead.

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What is pregnancy like


Pregnancy can be different for each woman. Some really enjoy it and others have a harder time. Your experiences might be different from those of your friends. When you first find out you are pregnant, you might not even feel any different. You could feel a little sick and more tired than usual. Some women even have cramps early on. Continue reading

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