My Sister Needed New Locks Because Of Stolen Keys

New Locks Stolen Keys

When my sister’s car was stolen, she learned a very valuable lesson. She was in the habit of leaving her wallet and spare keys hidden so she would not have to carry everything on her when she would go somewhere. Her car was stolen with these two things in there, and she was devastated. Not only did the person who took the car have that, but they also had the address of her house along with the keys to get into it. The first thing she did was a search on her phone for an emergency Brisbane locksmith because she …

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I Can Still Feel Young

Feel Young

The signs that I’m getting old are there, but I’ve tried to brush them off as much as possible. I don’t recognize all of the new slang that the kids are using. I can’t stand any of the new music or television shows that they watch and listen to all of the time. It’s not just changes in media preferences. My hair has been getting thinner at the top, and I’ve experienced some problems in bed. I hate to use the term erectile dysfunction, but that’s what I had. I started taking Kamagra jelly to counteract the effects of it. …

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FEMEN Activist Promoting Breastfeeding

Visitors to the Vatican received an unexpected show on Mother’s Day, when a topless activist from the ‘sextremist’ group FEMEN was hauled off by authorities while breastfeeding her child in the middle of St. Peter’s Square. The stunt involved a woman with the words “alma mater” written across her bare chest, which is Latin for ‘mother feeding.’ The public display was aimed at getting Pope Francis to acknowledge the right of all mothers to breastfeed anywhere, at any time. (Source)

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