What Happens During The First Three Months Of Pregnancy

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When a woman discovers she is pregnant for the first time it is often exciting and also somewhat worrisome. They often wonder what the first few months of pregnancy will be like, among other things. They may have heard of women who suffer from morning sickness, to those who gain weight and there is of course the worry of miscarriage.

Here, we will take a look at what it will be like during the first three months of pregnancy.

First Month of Pregnancy

Commonly a woman will not even know that she is pregnant although she might suspect it due to a missed period. At this stage a watertight sack will surround the newly fertilized egg. This sack will help to cushion the embryo in the mother’s womb. This is also when the placenta develops. It is what allows the baby to receive nutrition from its mother. The placenta is also how the embryo gets rid of waste.

The face of the baby will begin to develop at this stage but is generally not recognizable as human. Dark circles will form that will ultimately be the child’s eyes and their mouth, jaw and throat begin developing at this stage. Blood cells begin to develop and the circulation starts to work. At 1 month pregnant the baby is somewhere around a quarter inch-long or about the length of a grain of rice.

Second Month of Pregnancy

Sometime during the second month of pregnancy is when the majority of women find that they are pregnant. The baby will continue to further develop its facial features during the second month. The baby’s ears will start to show themselves as a simple fold of skin where the ears will be. Their arms will begin developing as well as their legs. Their eyes will begin to further develop and they will start the early development of toes and fingers.

The child’s nervous system begins coming to be during the second month as well as their spinal cord and brain. They begin to have a digestive tract and bone begins to form from cartilage. Although the mother is unlikely to feel the embryo moving they do often begin moving at this stage of development.

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At the end of two months the baby has grown to about an inch long. A baby at this stage can typically weigh about one quarter or one third of an ounce. Its head is usually well formed.

Third Month of Pregnancy

At 3 months pregnant the baby has all its parts formed. It has fingers and toes, hands and feet, and arms and legs. The baby is capable of opening and closing its mouth and its hands. It has already begun to grow fingernails and toenails and its ears have developed. It is starting to form teeth and its own reproductive organs are starting to develop.

It is still difficult at this stage to understand the gender of the baby with an ultrasound. Babies urinary and circulatory systems are all working and the liver is producing bile. A typical baby at this stage will weigh about 1 oz.

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Many parents will worry about miscarrying but those that make it past the three-month benchmark can consider themselves fortunate. At this stage while miscarriage is still possible, the risk of it is greatly reduced. The baby has already developed all its most critical aspects and for this reason, the chances of miscarriage are substantially lower then they were during the first three months.

For most parents, the discovery of being pregnant is a happy time. Understanding the process is the best way to know how to care for yourself and the baby properly. The first 3 months are important as it is the time the baby has not yet fully formed.

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