Is Gaining Weight During Pregnancy Normal?

Is gaining weight during pregnancy normal - Is gaining weight during pregnancy normal?

All women are bound to gain weight during pregnancy. Eating a well balanced diet, packed with all nutrients would suffice to feed both, the mother and the baby. A healthy woman will only need about 300 more calories per day than she would normally consume. This would help her to gain the necessary amount of weight during pregnancy. Normal healthy women should gain between 25-34 pounds during the pregnancy period. Underweight women need to gain a bit more weight during the pregnancy period. 29-39 pounds should be the target for them. Overweight women should aim at 14-23 pounds of additional weight during pregnancy. Breast augmentation expert in Brisbane QLD

The general notion is to gain 2-4 pounds during the first three months of pregnancy. Then gaining 1 pound per week during the rest of the pregnancy is considered a healthy state. For those of you, who is expecting twins, the healthy weight gaining amount would be between 30-49 pounds during the pregnancy period.

Most women are confused as to where the excess weight goes during the pregnancy period. The biggest share goes to the baby, which is around eight pounds. The Amniotic fluids would weigh 2-3 pounds, larger uterus 2-5 pounds, stored fat for breast feeding 2-9 pounds, breast tissue 2-3 pounds, blood supply 4-5 pounds and placenta 2-3 pounds are the rest of the areas, where the gained weight would be distributed.

Gaining the right amount of weight is important during pregnancy. Eating five to six small meals every day would help very much in this regard. Adding extra butter, cheese, eggs and cereal to your diet will also help to gain healthy weight during the pregnancy period. Requesting a suitable exercise plan from you doctor is also important during the pregnancy period. Gaining weight is completely natural during the pregnancy period.

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