I Can Still Feel Young

Feel Young

The signs that I’m getting old are there, but I’ve tried to brush them off as much as possible. I don’t recognize all of the new slang that the kids are using. I can’t stand any of the new music or television shows that they watch and listen to all of the time. It’s not just changes in media preferences. My hair has been getting thinner at the top, and I’ve experienced some problems in bed. I hate to use the term erectile dysfunction, but that’s what I had. I started taking Kamagra jelly to counteract the effects of it.

Finding out that I had erectile dysfunction was the biggest blow to my ego, my pride, and my youth. All I could think about were those commercials that I’ve seen late at night when I couldn’t sleep. They would always have some older man talking about his troubles in bed, and they looked so cheesy. The thought of that old man being me just made me want to curl into a ball and cut myself off from the rest of the world. I was ready to sink down into a depressive state and accept my new life as an old man, when I found a new ad online about the jelly.

At that point, I decided that the slang and media weren’t going to get any better, and my hair wasn’t going to grow back any faster, so I might as well take a chance at something that will help me keep the last bit of youth that I have left by restoring my bedroom prowess. The jelly took care of that erectile dysfunction problem in no time, and it had me feeling as young as ever. I’ve shaved my head bald and don’t care about the young kids slang and music anymore.

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