Medication For Improved Bedroom Performance

Bedroom Performance 750x400 - Medication for Improved Bedroom Performance

My wife and I have been trouble trying to conceive for close to a year and both of us are at our breaking points because we would like to have a baby, and it just does not seem to be happening. One of the reasons is that I have some problems in the bed, in terms of performance. I don’t really want to get into the specifics, because I would be too embarrassed to do that, but I have been taking Sildenafil for a while to try to ease my problems and hopefully give us a better shot at making a baby. I know that there is actually a really low probability of any individual act of intercourse leading to a successful conception of a child, and yet at the same time, it has been very frustrating. That is because we see so many couples that have seemingly no problems at all with having children, and I know that it makes my wife kind of jealous and depressed. At this point, she is worried that we will never be able to have a baby of our own, and I certainly hope that is not the case. Sometimes, it is really hard to keep her in good spirits, because she just wants to have a baby so badly. I have thought about some other options, but I really want to just keep trying it the natural way. I guess we could both get fertility tests at some point down the line, if we both keep trying to have a baby and nothing happens. So far, she has not had a hint of pregnancy. I have been doing a lot of research about the early signs of pregnancy, in the hopes that I will be the first one to notice if we get some sort of positive result.

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