My Sister Needed New Locks Because Of Stolen Keys

New Locks Stolen Keys

When my sister’s car was stolen, she learned a very valuable lesson. She was in the habit of leaving her wallet and spare keys hidden so she would not have to carry everything on her when she would go somewhere. Her car was stolen with these two things in there, and she was devastated. Not only did the person who took the car have that, but they also had the address of her house along with the keys to get into it. The first thing she did was a search on her phone for an emergency Brisbane locksmith because she knew she needed to get the locks changed immediately.

When she first reported her car being stolen and said what items were in there, the police are the ones who recommended that she do that. The next call was to me, because she was pretty frightened to be on her own. I was there when the locksmith came out. She had already explained what had happened to them on the phone, so the locksmith knew that he was there to change all of the locks. Thankfully, that only meant three locks.

He changed the main entrance lock, the back door lock, and the lock for the back door of the garage. She also has a side door, but the locksmith was able to use the same kind of lock on that as he did for the back door, so she did not have to worry about so many keys. The price was very fair, and the work was done quickly. She tested all of the locks before the locksmith left, and all worked just fine. Her car was recovered just hours later the same day, and it turned out to be a couple of kids who got in over their heads with their fun that day. They did not discover where my sister left her wallet or spare keys, and she does not have to worry now about them having made copies of the main keys in the ignition. She also never leaves personal items like that in her car anymore!

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